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This agreement is made and entered into, and effective as of the date of signing on the "Monkey House Ride Co." Support Application for one year. 


Support from Monkey House Ride Co.


This Support agreement (hereafter “Agreement”) is made by and between the above named Rider, an Amateur Motocross Rider, and Monkey House Ride L.L.C. (d.b.a.: Monkey House Ride Co.), (hereafter “Monkey House Ride Co.”). The following is an agreement between Monkey House Ride Co. and the Rider to use, support and promote Monkey House Ride Co. products. 


Rider shall exclusively wear, use and otherwise reasonably promote all Monkey House Ride Co. Products including but not limited to Gloves and casual (as set forth below) at ANY and ALL competitive racing events, appearances and practice sessions, and during all recreational riding activities, relating to or connected with any related sport or activities. The following products (" Monkey House Ride Co.") are to be used by athlete exclusive of any other products with similar uses manufactured or marketed by persons or entities other than Monkey House Ride Co.


Rider will receive up to a 20% discount from the full retail price on Monkey House Ride Co. Products when ordering directly from Monkey House Ride Co. Athlete understands that to receive Monkey House Ride Co. products at a discount, all orders must be placed directly from or at event. The Monkey House Ride Co. Products purchased by Rider are for Rider’s sole benefit and use. Rider shall purchase Monkey House Ride Co. Products only for personal use and shall not utilize his sponsorship discount to purchase any Monkey House Ride Co. Products for any other person. 


You must accept the contract before you receive your code to Monkey House Ride Co. before you can begin ordering. 




The athlete is an Support Rider 


It is expressly understood and agreed that Rider is not an employee, agent, and/or partner of Monkey House Ride Co. for any purpose whatsoever but is an independent contractor. 


1. Athlete agrees not to wear nor permit his name, photograph or the likeness to be used in any form of media advertising and/or display of any product that competes directly or indirectly with the products produced, provided, and/or endorsed by Monkey House Ride Co.


2. Athlete agrees and understands that all products obtained from Monkey House Ride Co. are for the sole use of Athlete and are not intended for resale or use by anyone other than Athlete.


3. Athlete agrees to name Monkey House Ride Co. as a sponsor on all entrees, in all interviews and in any advertising featuring Athlete. 


4. Athlete must post and refer and/or tag Monkey House Ride Co. on any and all social media posts and are required to post a minimum of 1x per month or at all race events. 


5. Athlete will display advertising in the form of decals, stickers on behalf of Monkey House Ride Co. and their related sponsors, on his riding apparel and, as many as may be permitted by Riders motorcycle sponsor, on his motorcycle. 


6. Athlete shall at all times conform his personal conduct to the highest standards of good behavior and sportsmanship as well as good citizenship and good moral conduct. Rider shall not engage in any activity that could cause injury or adversely reflect on his name and/or the goodwill or reputation of Monkey House Ride Co. or any of their related sponsors or associates. 


7. Athlete agrees to use his best efforts to comment favorably upon the use of Monkey House Ride Co. Products whenever possible. Athlete shall not make any disparaging or negative comments about Monkey House Ride Co. Products, Monkey House Ride Co. organization or any Monkey House Ride Co. employee. 


8. Athlete is responsible for placing all orders with Monkey House Ride Co. in a timely fashion. Orders taken at Monkey House Ride Co. after 12pm will not ship the same day. Monkey House Ride Co. is open 8am to 5pm west coast time Monday through Friday. All orders will ship within one day 


9. Rider agrees that the terms and conditions of this agreement are confidential between Athlete and Monkey House Ride Co. Athlete’s failure to keep the terms and conditions of this agreement confidential shall be grounds for immediate termination


10. Monkey House Ride Co. has the right to terminate this contract if the above conditions are not met. Prices and terms are subject to change without notice. 


11. Athlete takes full responsibility for his actions while riding motorcycles and using Monkey House Ride Co. products. Rider does hereby release and absolve Monkey House Ride Co. related entities from any and all liability for any injuries which the Rider may receive. Athlete understands that motorcycle racing is a dangerous sport in which risk of injury that Athlete shall not hold Monkey House Ride Co. or any representative of Monkey House Ride Co. responsible for any injury sustained in the course of participating in any motorcycle race, practice or event. 


12. Use Monkey House Ride Co. products exclusively for the full term of this agreement 

By signing Support Application, Athlete fully understands, acknowledges and accepts the terms and conditions set forth above.


Throughout your Monkey House Ride Co. sponsorship contract year you will receive various promotions and any new product information that become available. Those promotional products that are placed on your motorcycle must be placed in a neat and professional manner. 


During the course of the season we may ask for a picture of you at a recent event and an update of your results. In the meantime, if you achieve any noteworthy results during the season, please email those results as we are always looking for interesting stories of our support riders for our website. 


If Athlete is under 18, a parent or guardian must counter-sign this contact. Failure to have a parent or guardian sign this contract will delay your acceptance into the Monkey House Ride Co. sponsorship program. 


● When you accept the rider support program you will receive a promo code which will allow you to purchase on the site at a discounted rate. If Monkey House Ride Co. is at an event where you are, you can use your code there.



A) Unsportsmanlike conduct, illegal substance abuse, or failure to comply with the terms under Riders Agreement will result in immediate termination of this agreement. 


B) In accordance with this agreement will be immediately terminated if Monkey House Ride Co. products are being purchased for persons other than the Rider. 


C) Monkey House Ride Co. reserves the right to terminate this contract at any time. 


I certify that the information contained in the resume I submitted to Monkey House Ride Co. for athlete support is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that falsified statements, misrepresentations, or omissions of facts on my race resume will result in immediate termination of this contract whenever discovered. 


By signing below, I agree to the terms and conditions herein: 

Accept Contract
Do you accept

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